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The city of Chihuahua was founded in 1708, between the Sacramento and Chuviscar rivers by the governor of Nueva Vizcaya, Don Antonio Deza y Ulloa. The city promises its visitors the history of a population based in the mines of silver of Santa Eulalia, in the beginning, then the livestock and consequently the industry until transforming into a modern and magnificent city.

The traditional tour of this city offers the visit to the Cathedral of Chihuahua, the Museum of the Revolution, better known as “Casa de Pancho Villa”, the Regional Museum, better known as “Quinta Gameros” a beautiful residence of the XIX century which reflects the time of landowners, the Palacio de Gobierno (Palace of Governing) with its beautiful murals of the artist Aaron Piñamora which reflects the foundation and development of the city, el Calabozo de Hidalgo (the dungeons of Hidalgo) and site of execution, and the colonial aqueduct. This tour is also offered with the theatrical street company “Chihuahua Barbaro”, with a humorous touch and grand historic content of excellent quality. Museums are closed on Mondays.

The Chihuahuan gastronomy is famous for its beef and different dishes with chili base and menonita cheese. There exists a grand variety of restaurants in the city; La Calesa, La Casona, La Garufa, El Meson de Catredal, El Retablo and many more. Only 15 minutes from Chihuahua city, is offered the visit of the “Grutas de Nombre de Dios”, natural Caverns of stalagmite and stalactites from 5 million years ago.